The Executive Committee

The VDP Committee is made up of the Activity Leaders and the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee are elected every year to uphold the aims of the society and help keep it running smoothly. The Committee work for you, so don't hesitate to get in touch if there's anything you need or if you have a bright idea you would like to share!


Tom O'Malley -President

Tom, our president, is a 4th year Social Work student from Laois. Tom has a truly deep passion for the society and a burning desire for the positive impact we make to grow even bigger this year.

If you need inspiration or someone to talk to about anything Trinity VDP, send him an email at


Francesca Shaw -Vice-President of Activities

Francesca is a final year English student from Blackrock. She oversees the entire vetting process and makes sure that all of the activities are running smoothly.

If you need any help with getting involved in Trinity VDP, Francesca is the woman with all the answers. Send her an email at


Kevin O'Leary -Vice-President of Fundraising

Kevin is a third year Environmental Science student and our VP of Fundraising. Kevin is at the core of the money raising and event organising for Trinity VDP. He organises some of the biggest events in Trinity College without even breaking a sweat.

If you have any fundraising ideas, or want to get involved with his team, you can email him at


Emma Deignan -Secretary

Emma is a final year History student, and our prized Secretary. There is almost no facet of Trinity VDP that you won't find her helping out with. She keeps us updated on all things VDP through our weekly emails. 

You can get in touch with Emma at


Conor Rossi -Treasurer

Conor is a final year Genetics student and makes sure that all of the money raised is in order, and goes to the right places.

Conor's email is, if you want to get in touch!


Luke Gilligan -Public Relations Officer

Luke is a third year Physics student and our PRO. He creates all the graphics, posters and flyers for Trinity VDP. You might see him around capturing some of our VDP moments on camera.

You can get in touch with Luke at


Karen Hayes -Volunteer Liaison Officer

Karen, Volunteer Liaison Officer, is a 3rd year student studying Occupational Therapy. Karen is always happy to answer all of your questions about getting involved in VDP. Karen is dedicated to making sure everyone gets the protection training they need and the weekends away that they deserve.

You can always send Karen an email at!