Kids Club

Kids Club is all about taking a group of fantastic young kids out for a laugh around Dublin. Kids Club gives them a break from their everyday life, which can be tough, and in doing so, we give ourselves a healthy break from the pressures of college life!

If you join the crew on a Sunday, you might be going on an adventure to the zoo, the chocolate factory, the cinema, ice-skating, or whatever they think the best craic is!

Aidan & Katie lead our Pearse Street club and Jesse & Ciara lead our Andrew’s Court club- email them at to get involved!

Accessibility Notice: Kids Club volunteers meet at Trinity's Pearse Street entrance and walk down to the Pearse Street flats or St. Andrew's Resource centre from there to collect the kids outside. It's a different activity each week so the activity leaders will be communicating ahead of time what the club will be doing that week. A lot of the activities would be quite inaccessible, but even so volunteers could still go to the club and adopt a supervisory role if they were unable to participate in the activity. Activities often require travelling on public transport and occasionally will involve quite a bit of walking. The club overall is quite active and energetic given that volunteers are working with young kids, however that doesn't mean that a less active volunteer would always be left behind- they may just have to adapt the way that they engage with the kids and the activity in general, and other volunteers would be fully willing to assist in accommodating that.

Climbing Club

Climbing Club takes place in the Sports Centre with a group of teenagers from the local area. It is a stellar way to pick up a new skill in an extremely relaxed setting while helping to push kids to try a unique activity they have likely never considered before.

If you think you'd enjoy getting involved with Climbing Club, send Ciarán and Brendan an email at!

Accessibility Notice: Unfortunately Climbing Club by definition requires a lot of mobility and is impossible to make accessible.


My World

My World is an activity for kids from pre-school age to sixth class. My World organise activities from worksheets, to games, to arts and crafts for the kids on Saturday mornings. There's also a Christmas Show put on for the parents, a visit from Santa, and field trips, all of which means great fun in store for all! This activity is perfect for those with busy timetables during the weekdays, and you'll get to meet some fantastic kids!

Let Maeve & Hugo know if you're interested in My World at!

Accessibility Notice: While the activity structure of MyWorld is very accessible as it's a classroom learning environment, unfortunately the building is not very accessible since it's an old church building, and our classroom is downstairs with no lift service. Unfortunately there's not much ourselves or the church can do given the age of the building, but we'll provide updated accessibility info if any developments happen to be made.