Street Outreach

Twice a week - rain, hail or shine - volunteers from Street Outreach assemble to distribute food and clothing to Dublin's homeless community. Living on the streets is extremely difficult, especially in winter, so we're always looking for volunteers. Just having a quick chat or even proffering a friendly smile can make a big difference to a person experiencing homelessness. For those of you with a busy schedule, there's no need for a weekly commitment to this activity - just sign up whenever you're available! Whether you do it once a week or once a year, you will definitely find it worthwhile!

Aisling, Andrew, Claire, Maghnus, Róisín, & Rosa organise Street Outreach- if you want to come along then send them an email at!

Accessibility Notice: Volunteers meet for the activity in Goldsmith Hall- the building is fully accessible but does not have an accessible bathroom. Street Outreach by its nature requires travelling long distances- volunteers are walking the streets of Dublin for majority of the activity’s two hours, and are on their feet the whole time unless sitting on the ground chatting with a service user. Besides the meeting point, building accessibility is not an issue as volunteers are never inside during the activity- however, wheelchair users may have difficulties with space if stopping to talk to a service user on a bridge or a narrow/busy street.


Social Justice

Our Social Justice activity is all about becoming more aware of the social issues that the people we work with are facing every day, and trying to seek practical ways to help those in need. The group meets once a week to discuss current affairs around a number of areas of social action, and to plan projects and campaigns to advocate for various social justice efforts throughout the year. They also hold events on campus and invite guest speakers to raise awareness and highlight social problems.

This activity doesn’t require any prior vetting or training so if you're at all interested in getting involved simply send Dearbhla, Jason, & Maria an email at!

Accessibility Notice: Social Justice meetings take place in Trinity’s Arts Block, which is fully accessible including accessible bathrooms on all floors. The format of the activity is sitting down together and discussing different social issues, so active movement and mobility are of no concern.



Throughout the week, a group of volunteers go to DePaul’s Spire Hostel on Marlborough Street and provide assistance to the service users and permanent staff there. The Spire Hostel is a newly established short-term accommodation facility, where people experiencing homelessness are granted residency for at least 6 months. This gives a unique opportunity to provide meaningful social interaction to service users and establish a supportive relationship during their stay in the facility, promoting their independence moving forward.

Email Julie & Owen at to get involved with this wonderful activity!

Accessibility Notice: Volunteers meet at Trinity's front arch and will head over to Marlborough Street together- it's closer to Trinity than other DePaul facilities, but a VDP leap card will be available for volunteers who would benefit from travelling there by bus or Luas. Given that it's our first year visiting the facility we're unsure of its accessibility status, but we'll be updating this info as we learn more.