Run in conjunction with SVP organisations, in Visiting, volunteers visit families, single parents, the elderly or anyone who may find themselves isolated in the local community. Just keeping in touch and asking them how they are can make a big difference. Visiting also organise a Christmas party for the locals every year. Visiting is guaranteed to leave any volunteer humbled and grateful for what they have.

Definitely send Andy a message if you want to get involved with Visiting at!


Teen Club

Teen Club helps teens through the hardships of adolescence. Teen Club spends every Friday evening meeting up with the teens, chatting about what might be going on with them, and playing some football! It may not seem like much, but sometimes an open ear or some casual friendly advice can go a long way, especially during the difficult adolescent years.

The squad always love to have new faces drop by, so if you want to come down send Kevin an email at!

Flat Decorating

Flat Decorating spend afternoons giving a new lease of life to the home of those who may not have the money or ability to do it themselves. Volunteers help by tidying, painting and redecorating. The few hours they spend helping can make a really positive difference to someone's life for years to come. No DIY experience or special equipment is required, just bring along some old clothes and enjoy the music while you work!

If you want to get involved with Flat Decorating, message Tom at