El Camino De Santiago

Every February during our second Reading Week about one hundred volunteers do the Camino de Santiago. All the volunteers raise €250 for VDPs activities and projects before they go, and during the week they make friends and memories that will last for a lifetime.

Amaya, Eva, Róisín, & Ross organise the Camino so if you want to have one of the best weeks of your college life, send them an email at!



INSMOT is an amazing weekend away full of inspiration and motivation! It's a great way of being introduced to the society and making a lot of new friends. There's motivational speeches, and workshops to encourage you to realise your potential in the society and discover how you can be the difference. Prepare yourself for mini-golf tournaments, sing-songs that last for hours and a serious amount of dancing!



Intervarsities is the same set up as INSMOT; workshops during the day, and banter during the night. Except this time, with other VDP societies from all over the country! 

Jack organises INSMOT and Intervarsities, so send him an email if you're interested at!



Give and get away

This is truly a trip to go GAGA for! Closer to the start of the year, Give and Get Away is a fairly self-explanatory trip. You give a contribution to the society and you Get Away for a full weekend of endless fun! This is another excellent way to be introduced into the society!

Lara organises GAGA, so send her an email if you're interested at!