Executive Committee

Peter Benson


Peter is going into his final year studying law, but despite that he is without a doubt one of the nicest and most caring people you'll ever meet

Coupled with his relentless drive and passion for progress, the sky's the limit for what Peter can bring to VDP this year


Cathal McGuinness

Vice-President of Activities

Cathal is entering his 3rd year of history and classics, and will be ensuring that VDP history repeats itself this year by having another great run of activities

Having been involved with the Vincent de Paul since he started secondary school, Cathal has a wealth of experience to draw from to compliment his big heart


Aideen Boyle

Vice-President of Fundraising

Aideen is in her fourth year of studying science, which should help her concoct the right formula to pull off some wonderful events this year

You'd be hard pressed to find someone who could match Aideen's amazing balance of organisation and caring, so expect great things from her as always


Orla Charters


Orla is starting her third year of studying engineering, and is sure to engineer some great solutions to the challenges that arise during her time as secretary

Anyone who knows Orla would describe her in 3 words as "smiley, wholesome, and just wonderful", so rest very assured that we're in good hands with her as secretary this year


Alex Fish


Alex is doing his final year of nanoscience this year, so whenever he gets a spare moment from researching cancer-curing microscopic robo-drones, he'll be handling the VDP finances

If there ever was an embodiment of the phrase "not a bad bone in their body" it would be Mr. Fish, and having him on the executive committee this year is nearly as sweet as he is


Alex Melvin

Public Relations Officer

Alex is entering his 2nd year of sociology and social policy, and if a sociology course was about human interaction in a more literal sense Alex would graduate with an easy first

Sporting a tireless cheer and an infallible commitment to making those around him happy, it's a joy to have Alex heading public relations this year


Conor Doyle

Volunteer Liaison Officer

Conor will be starting his 3rd year of studying law this year, so he's sure to be drawing up some contracts to seal a wonderful year for all VDP volunteers

Given how amazing a writer and speaker Conor is, it seems too good to be true that he's also so brilliant with people; but after chatting with him, you realise it's true- he is in fact just one of a kind