Activities with Adults

Our activities with adults are often the absolute highlight of the week for volunteers and club members alike!

To be a part of these activities you'll need your vulnerable adult protection / street outreach training and Garda vetting completed.

A new face always makes these activities extra special, so we can't wait to have you along with us!

Trinity Club

Trinity Club, our most longstanding activity, is the name of our social club for adults with additional support needs, and takes place on a Wednesday and Thursday evening.

If ever you need a joyous pick-me-up after a long day of lectures, look no further- with Trinity Club you'll soon be bopping to karaoke or getting a VIP tour of Pearse Street Garda station, and the stresses of your day will be left behind!

To make the obvious right choice and get involved with this simply magical activity, get in touch at!

Trinity Club Accessibility Notice

The base location for Trinity Club is in a room in Áras an Phiarsaigh on campus.

This building is fully accessible including an accessible bathroom.

The club semi-regularly ventures out of the college for activities such as karaoke, touring the Mansion House, or visiting the Wax Museum.

These trips are publicised in advance before the activity that week, and accessibility info pertaining to each destination will be provided.

Generally, Trinity Club is quite relaxed and doesn’t require active movement or travelling long distances.

Trinity Jubilee

Trinity Jubilee is our weekly social club for the elderly, which is one of our most lovely and cosy activities!

We meet the members in Trinity on a Tuesday evening for tea, biccies, chats, and the occasional surprise trip to the M&S Café on Grafton Street!

If this sounds as wholesome and beautiful to you as it does to everyone else on the planet, email !

Trinity Jubilee Accessibility Notice

Trinity Jubilee's base room is on campus in The Atrium.

This building is fully accessible including accessible bathrooms.

The activity typically consists of tea and chats, so volunteers don't have to be worried about active movement or travelling long distances.

On the occasions that the club decides to venture out to a cafe or a cinema, we always ensure that the activity will still be fully accessible.

This has already been tried and tested as some of the club members are wheelchair users and our outings have been a great success.

Street Outreach

Going into town to Trinity every day, it's impossible to ignore the terrible number of people who are homeless on the streets of Dublin city- street outreach is our attempt as serving those people with a bit of our time.

The team heads out two nights a week to serve tea, coffee, sandwiches, hats, scarves, bottoms, sanitary products, and- most importantly- chats to anyone they encounter with nowhere to call home for the night.

This is an activity that really puts things in perspective and makes for an extremely valuable experience, so please email the team at to learn more about how to join them.

Street Outreach Accessibility Notice

Volunteers meet for the activity in Goldsmith Hall.

The building is fully accessible but does not have an accessible bathroom.

Street Outreach by its nature requires travelling long distances; volunteers are walking the streets of Dublin for majority of the activity’s two hours, and are on their feet the whole time unless sitting on the ground chatting with a service user.

Besides the meeting point, building accessibility is not an issue as volunteers are never inside during the activity.

However, wheelchair users may have difficulties with space if stopping to talk to a service user on a bridge or a narrow/busy street.


Every week, a group of VDP volunteers who have received their DePaul training pop over to Marlbrough Street to the DePaul's Spire Hostel, one of their many homeless shelters in operation in Dublin city.

VDP volunteers are such a breath of fresh air for the residents, bringing a fresh round of chats and some fun activities like art, drawing, and bingo that they wouldn't typically be doing.

To get yourself involved, shoot an email to!

DePaul Accessibility Notice

Volunteers meet at Trinity's front arch and will head over to the Spire Hostel together.

A VDP leap card will be available for volunteers who would benefit from travelling there by bus or Luas.

Unfortunately the building is highly inaccessible with no accessible bathroom, very tight corridors, and three flights of stairs with no lift.