Activities with children

We are so lucky to have a huge number of clubs for children going on every week!

In order to volunteer with these activities, you'll need to have completed your child protection training and Garda vetting

Looking forward to having you on board!

Afterschool Clubs

Trinity VDP works with afterschool programs in 5 different DEIS schools in the Dublin 2 / Dublin 8 regions, facilitating activities in art, music, drama, homework, and sport.

It's always so much fun to let your inner kid out and take a trip down memory lane to your times tables or getting beaten at football in the yard!

The afterschool clubs take place in blocks between 2pm and 5pm, and volunteers meet at Trinity's front arch to make their way over together.

We are always happy to hear from new volunteers at!

Afterschool Clubs Accessibility Notice

For each of our school activities, volunteers meet at Trinity's front arch and head from there.

Volunteers can get to the schools by walking or by bus using a VDP leap card.

Accessibility varies from school to school as detailed below.

Regarding the actual activities in the schools, despite the activity and energy of the young kids there's always room for volunteers who mightn't be as able for extensive physical activity, even with sports club.

This is because there's usually a variety of activity interest among the kids, so there's almost always a space for people who aren't taking part in physical activity and are drawing, chatting, playing board games etc. instead.

St. Enda's Accessibility Notice

St. Enda's school is about 10 mins walk away and is serviced by the 83a, 9, and 122 buses from College Green.

There is an outdoor yard area with no mobility obstructions, however there is a step up to the classroom area.

The classroom area is quite small so wheelchair users may experience maneuverability issues.

We're not sure if there's an accessible bathroom but this info will be updated in the coming weeks.

Scoil Treasa Accessibility Notice

Scoil Treasa is about 25 mins walk away and is served by the 150 bus from College Green.

There is an outdoor yard area with no mobility obstructions and the classroom area is fully accessible.

There are multiple classrooms we use, and all are of ample size to where there wouldn't really be any maneuverability issues for wheelchair users, particularly the very large main classroom.

We're not sure if there's an accessible bathroom but this info will be updated in the coming weeks.

St. James' Accessibility Notice

St. James' school is about 30 mins walk away so volunteers would always get either the 40 bus or the 13 bus from College Green, which stops about 5 mins walk from the school.

There is a step up to the main building entrance, however we believe there may be a ramp entrance at the back of the building.

We will be able to confirm in the coming weeks if there is a ramp entrance, as well as if the school has an accessible bathroom.

We use an indoor sports hall instead of an outdoor yard area which may provide greater accessibility.

However, the classroom area may be a bit tight for wheelchair users- though not as tight as St. Enda's.

Warrenmount Accessibility Notice

Warrenmount school is about 20 mins walk away and is served by the 49 and 77a buses from College Green.

We'll have confirmed info in the coming weeks, but we believe there's steps into the classroom area and no accessible bathroom.

The classroom area is quite spacious so if there is a ramp entrance elsewhere in the building, wheelchair users shouldn't experience any maneuverability difficulties.

There is a large outdoor yard area with all-weather surface, however we believe there may be steps leading up to it- again, we'll update this info in the near future with accurate details.

Sunday Kids Club

Every Sunday from 1pm to 5pm we run two clubs for kids in the Pearse Street and Andrew's Court areas, which never fail to be full of excitement!

From the zoo, to the National Aquatic Centre, to Jumpzone, to Balbriggan for our annual weekend away, there's so much fun to be had week in week out throughout the entire year!

For more info on how you can tag along to these fantastic clubs, give us a shout at!

Sunday Kids Club Accessibility Notice

Kids Club volunteers meet at Trinity's Pearse Street entrance, and from there they walk 2 mins down the road to the Pearse Street flats or 5 mins to St. Andrew's Resource Centre to collect the kids outside.

It's a different activity each week, so the activity leaders will be communicating ahead of time what the club will be doing that week.

A lot of the activities would be quite inaccessible, but even so volunteers could still go to the club to adopt a supervisory role and chat to kids who weren't taking part, if they were unable to participate in the activity.

Activities almost always require travelling on public transport and occasionally will involve quite a bit of walking.

The club overall is quite active and energetic given that volunteers are working with young kids, however that doesn't necessarily mean that a less active volunteer would always be left behind- they may just have to adapt the way that they engage with the kids and the activity in general, and other volunteers would be fully willing to assist in accommodating that.