Our Activities with Children from around Dublin City Centre make up the bulk of our volunteer work. We have amazing fun spending time with children every day of the week. To take part in our activities with children, you need to apply for a three hour Child Protection training that takes place on campus. Once you have this training, you can apply for training for our activities with adults with intellectual disabilities.


We do a wide range of Activities with the Homeless around Dublin City Centre. To take part in these activities, you need to apply for a three hour training session that takes place on campus.


What is Trinity VDP?


Trinity VDP is a society filled with students who all share one common interest; bettering the lives of those less fortunate around us. 

Every week, we run a lot of activities around Dublin, which are a lot of fun! Some of our activities allow us the opportunity to provide the most basic human needs to those around us, such as warmth or food. In other activities we get to share skills such as reading, writing, playing music or sport with kids, building up their confidence and ability.

We run fundraising events throughout the year, from Mystery Tours to Disney Nights to trips away on the Camino De Santiago. We run a pantomime every year with over 90 kids, and organise the now infamous Jailbreak event which sees students from all over Ireland race across the globe raising money and awareness for our cause.

Get involved and you won't regret it!

- Sam McMahon, Ex Trinity VDP President



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How To Get Involved

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