Social Justice

While the weekly activities we do in Trinity VDP are so amazing and so worthwhile, we have to acknowledge also that they are unfortunately very short-term. Structural issues need structural solutions. The reality is that VDP exists because of political, economic and social choices that result in homelessness, food poverty and inequality.

No matter how many hot cups of tea and chats we give out on our street outreach programme, it won't end the housing crisis;

No matter how much respite we can provide families in need with our kids clubs, those families will still struggle against unfair barriers to education;

No matter how much laughter we can bring with our social clubs for adults with additional support needs, they won't dismantle the oppression, exclusion and discrimination faced by people with disabilities because of how society is run and organised.

This is where our Social Justice team comes in.

VDP Social Justice aims to address the social issues that give rise to the need for our activities, and work towards adding VDP voices to the efforts to bring about institutional change that will benefit our service users.

We are always eager to field any thoughts and ideas so be sure to get in touch with our Social Justice Officer, Sarah, at, and keep an eye out for some exciting projects in VDP Social Justice throughout the year.

Sarah Dent Cullen

Social Justice Officer

Past Projects

Dismantling Direct Provision

29 September 2020

Dismantling Direct Provision was a virtual panel discussion on how the system of Direct Provision violates basic human rights, and the path to replacing it with something that respects people's dignity and independence.


26 March 2019

Seekers was a gig featuring a number of performers living in Direct Provision, aimed at celebrating diversity of culture while also raising awareness for the injustices of Direct Provision

Red Out

2 November 2018

Red Out was a campaign encouraging students to wear red clothing to raise awareness for the refugee crisis

Telling the Untold

1 November 2018

Telling the Untold was a candlelight vigil held in the front square of Trinity College for the 1,000 asylum seekers who passed away that year, accompanied by reading of poetry and personal accounts

Being Homeless in 21st Century Ireland

21 February 2018

Being Homeless in 21st Century Ireland was a panel discussion on the topic featuring experts in youth research, medical care and psychology for people who are homeless

How to End Homelessness

12 December 2017

How to End Homelessness was a discussion hosted by the VDP Social Justice team during Christmas Appeal week, fielding an informative debate on the country's approach to the housing crisis