Immediate Activities

Our immediate activities are very special in that they require no prior training or vetting, meaning anyone can start volunteering with them straight away whenever they want!

Can't wait to see you there very soon!


Our foodbank team meets every week to help package food hampers for those in need in the local community.

Over the past two years, the foodbank has been able to provide for over 3000 individuals which is simply an amazing contribution!

If you'd like to come along to help pack some food and have some chats, send Rishi an email at

Foodbank Accessibility Notice

The foodbank activity takes place in St. Andrew's Resource Centre on Pearse Street, just down the road from Trinity.

The building is fully accessible including an accessible bathroom.

Part of the activity is carrying food crates and boxes into the resource centre from the truck outside, which can be physically taxing.

However, there is no obligation to carry the packages in and most of the work consists of sorting those food items into the packages that will be distributed from the centre, so volunteers who wouldn't be able to help with manual handling shouldn't feel discouraged from coming along!


Our costumes team has the incredibly fun task of putting together the costumes that the kids and adults will be wearing on stage at our annual Panto!

It's so enjoyable and rewarding to be a part of this effort, and there's no special skills needed at all, just enthusiasm and an affinity for chatting to other volunteers!

The team is led by Kate & Aideen and meets once a week, you can let them know you're coming along with an email to

Costumes Accessibility Notice

The costumes team meets in the Arts Building which is fully accessible with accessible bathrooms.

There's no physical demands for the costumes activity, volunteers sit around and chat while putting together some costumes, so any volunteer will be right at home here!


Being on the sets team is an amazingly unique form of therapy that can only be achieved by having lovely chats while painting away to your heart's desire with no skill required!

This weekly activity results in producing the gorgeous backdrops used in our annual panto with all our club members, and is such a nice, relaxing way to spend an afternoon!

If you make the very wise decision to seek more info, you should send an email to Maeve & Aoife at!

Sets Accessibility Notice

The sets team do their painting in the Trinity Arts Workshop on the edge of campus, which is quite spacious but lacks an accessible bathroom and has a step up to the entrance.

The activity itself is very accessible however, with no strenuous physical activity required and the only potential complication being the height of the tables from the ground, which can be easily alleviated.